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Lizzie Ens is a Board Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner. She has helped hundreds
of women heal from years of chronic dieting, rebalance their hormones, regain their energy and vitality by ditching diet culture and creating a lifestyle that is vibrant and sustainable by focusing on whole body healing. She is a wife, mother, healer, public speaker, and founder of the UnDiet Yourself program.
Website – www.undietyourself.live Email – lizzie@undietyourself.live

About the book:

The Amish community is not the quaint life Hollywood makes it out to be….
Lizzie grew up in the strictest of the Amish communities, until the age of 19 when she decided to jump off a 15 foot roof and run away, leaving behind her family, community and everything she ever knew. She had $20.00 in her
pocket, an 8th grade education, no job, no social security number, and nowhere to live.

You’ll laugh, cry, and cheer for Lizzie as she finds the courage to find freedom from a culture and religion that oppressed her and marvel at how she learns to make her way in a world that is foreign to her without the support of her
family or friends.

If you have ever felt trapped, with nowhere to turn and no idea how to change your circumstances, pick up this book and be inspired by the story of one girl, who risked everything for the freedom to live her life on her terms, and to find peace, happiness and success.