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BobbyKimbroughA law enforcement and security professional for more than 30 years, Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr. is a dedicated professional committed to serving his country and his community. His work with local, national and international agencies has afforded him the opportunity to directly and indirectly impact the lives of millions.

As a Special Agent for the US Department of Justice for more than 20 years, Kimbrough specialized in crimes against the government which includes organized crime, money laundering, drug trafficking and gangs. He was a certified Department of Justice Instructor with other certifications and trainings reserved for the US government’s most elite personnel. His professional endeavors afforded him the opportunity to travel extensively to all 50 of the United States of America. A fluent speaker of the Spanish language,

Kimbrough’s diverse background has opened doors for work internationally; He was a member of the Foreign Operations Group which functioned throughout the Caribbean. Kimbrough is known throughout the region by local, state and federal law enforcement for his interview skills, techniques and results. Kimbrough received a degree in Sociology from High Point University.

As a community leader and businessman, Kimbrough provides specialized training in security concepts and safety measures for various industries. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unified Security Solutions, Kimbrough’s management team has more than 65 years of combined experience. The firm is committed to providing security solutions which span from a physical presence at a designated location, indoor and outdoor physical evaluation to include recommendations and solutions for preventative measures as well as training for staff and volunteers. As a committed father and avid volunteer with young people, Kimbrough knows the importance and has seen firsthand the harvest of planting seeds in the minds of young people. Because of this, in November 2013 he founded Branded For Knowledge. BFK, Inc. is an exclusive, high-end clothing apparel company, which spreads positive messages of influence for current and future generations to understand and embrace the importance of knowledge and education.

Because of his expansive reach and influence, he is a devoted philanthropist giving money to and raising money for numerous charities, non-profit organizations, churches and scholarship funds. A highly sought-after speaker, his insight blazes the path to enlightenment in the areas of leadership, success and achievement as well as overcoming personal and professional obstacles. With a deeply rooted desire to offer alternatives to young men who Kimbrough often encounters in his work, he created MAPS – Men Against the Prison System. This program has met such phenomenal response that it was duplicated and expanded to include high schools and middle schools in various school systems. Because of his burning desire to eliminate the number of boys and young men who become involved with the criminal justice system and encourage others to find the greatness within themselves, Kimbrough serves as a motivational speaker to organizations, churches and reentry groups.

Bobby F. Kimbrough was husband to the late Clementine Kimbrough for 15 years. Among his accomplishments, he considers being a single parent raising seven boys to be responsible, respectful, reverent young men his absolute greatest. Without question, his legacy shall be continually perpetuated through his biological and professional lineage.