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Hey, That’s My Idea

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How many times have you had an idea? About something? About anything?
Now, how many times have you acted on your ideas? Convinced
someone else to act on your ideas? I’ll bet the ratio of acting on your
ideas compared to having them is small. It is for most of us.
There are lots of books, ebooks, seminars and courses on creativity and
how to get ideas. Yet once you have them, what do you do with them?
How do you organize your thoughts and make sense of them? How do
you sift through the “wild ideas” to determine which ones to pursue?
How do you communicate your ideas to others and convince them to
act? How do you determine your own actions?

I wrote this book to answer these questions—and more. Do you ever
have an idea and prejudge it out of existence with, “Oh, it’s too silly” or
“off the wall”? Tell me you have never seen or heard a silly or outrageous
commercial. What about the idea of placing ads on the movie screen
in a theater when you’ve paid for the movie experience? They wouldn’t!
(They do.) The idea that spam messages that raise the usage fees you
pay on your phone would be sent to you without your permission is
ridiculous isn’t it? No way. (Way.) Digital billboards that display scrolling
messages? Can’t be done. (Done.) A national business franchise dedicated solely to picking up the daily doo from your pets? (Dooty Calls™!) All of these started as what may have seemed to be wild ideas,
and look where they are today. Making money and making an impact.
What about your ideas?