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Blacks are among the most conservative ethnic groups in America. Somebody needs to tell them that, because as a group, we aren’t voting like it. Most Blacks I know are concerned with basic common-sense issues like Crime, Inflation, the Economy, Taxes, School Choice, Vaccinations, etc. Most Blacks I know want Equal Opportunity – Not Equal Outcomes. Republicans are interested in kitchen-table issues while Progressive Democrats concern themselves with trending social issues. The Democrat Party treats Black Americans as voiceless, reliable generational support. The Republican Party is not much better in its treatment of Blacks, offering few viable alternatives to Progressive
Democrat policies. Liberal policies sound great in political campaigns, but after several decades of unbroken support, what has the Greater Black Community received in exchange for decades of undying reinforcement of progressive causes? Maybe it’s time to audit our one-sided political support? I offer that America’s Black Civil Rights Movement has been conflated and neutered through association with the issues of supposedly oppressed minorities.
This essay is my attempt to get Black voters to understand that in the end, BLACK VALUES MATTER