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New Release – Parables on Leadership Values

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Mr. Kenneth Barela has more than 30 years of experience in the non-profit sector. He has worked in various capacities as an executive for national and regional healthcare and human service organizations. He has experience evaluating not only prospects but entire communities to determine their primary interests and motivations, and a demonstrable track record of applying those interests to successful community projects. Ken’s entire adult life has been defined by service. He served our country as a United States Army Infantry Officer. He was deployed in support of Desert Storm. In addition, he was the Mayor of a city in Colorado.

Ken has an MBA from the University of Denver and is a certified project manager. Ken is married to Debbie. They are the proud parents of four young adults.

Parables on Leadership Values is a series of short stories that provides the reader with a tangible example that will further enhance their ability to lead in a manner that is unequivocally selfless and affirming.

Values are our core set of beliefs that advise our behaviors, actions, and ultimately shape our life choices. Leadership is the ability of an individual or group to inspire or move others to take action that is congruent with the leader’s vision and value system.

Can leadership be taught? Studies suggest that for the most part, leaders are made not born. Of course, there are those who are natural leaders who require little to no training.

However, this is not the question we should be asking. We propose the real question is, “Can core values be taught that will influence future leaders?” What is incontrovertible is that leaders who guide others to make a positive, affirming, and unmitigated difference in their own lives and the greater good embrace core values that include but are not limited to Parables on Leadership Values compassion, responsibility, honesty, respect, fairness, transparency, accountability, and integrity.