Getting Started

Send an email to  Book@perfectpublishing.com to schedule a consultation. Once you agree to publish with Perfect Publishing you will be introduced to your Project Manager that will keep you informed of the progress of your book.

Yes. You will retain all of the rights to your manuscript and book, including all digital and print rights.

This is required to eliminate any additional formatting cost. Excessive edits can cause the formatting to be altered and require additional time to repair. We strongly recommend double-checking for final edits before sending us the file. This helps the publishing process go as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Yes – if your previous publisher does not have exclusive publishing rights (check your agreement with them). We would re-publish your previously published work under our name. We can also correct any errors that occurred during and work to improve your book by redesigning the cover if needed. You will need a publishers release form from your previous publisher in order to be listed on Amazon.

Include everything you want the inside of your book to contain. Our formatter will do the Title Pages, Copyright Page, Table of Contents and other front matter. You can also add a dedication/thank you, author bio, list of your other books, etc.

Please send Word Doc and a PDF of your edited manuscript  Note: We will format the first 15 pages or up to the start of the 2nd chapter and get your approval of the layout, fonts, and copy flow before we format the entire book.

Perfect Publishing supplies an ISBN for your printed book and eBook at NO Charge if you publish your book with them.  (International Standard Book Number) records contain author, publisher, size, format, topic-related information, pricing, and other data needed by retailers, libraries, and book distribution systems. NOTE: You can not use the ISBN from a previously published book once it has been registered.

Manuscript Processing

NOTE: Editing isn’t formatting.  You can use editors that you hired or we can refer you to several editors that have worked with the Perfect Publishing team. Our referral editors have experience and the cost for editing is set by each editor depending on their experience and the number of words in your book. 

You can place images on the page you want them to appear. However, they may not be sized exactly as you place them. The Word doc will reduce the resolution of your images and make them not meet our printing specifications. You will need to supply a Zip file with all of the graphics to be used.

It is preferred that images be provided in CMYK JPEG format with a resolution of 300dpi or higher. The dimension needs to be the size that appears in your manuscript.  PNG TIFF EPS are also acceptable.




The final page count of your book will be dependent on a variety of factors, including your trim size selection, word count, font selections, margins, spacing, etc. While we will not know your exact page count until we’ve completed the formatting of your book, the information below can help you get an idea of how many pages your book will ultimately contain.

Estimated Number of Words Per Page (based on a 11.5 pt body font size and standard margins/spacing)
5″ x 8″ books: 230-260 words/page
5.5″ x 8.5″ books: 290-330 words/page
6″ x 9″ books: 340-390 words/page
7″ x 10″ books: 430-490 words/page
8.5″ x 11″ books: 600-680 words/page

Absolutely! Let us know what you want to change and we’ll be happy to help. Due to the time and labor involved with making updates an additional charge will be incurred. We will review your edits and give you the price before we do any work.

Cover Creation

Very much so. As the old cliché goes, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”- however, that’s just how many prospective readers will be deciding whether to purchase your book. Just a cursory stroll through available titles shows a variety of covers that would have benefited from a little professional attention. 

You should put us in contact with your cover designer and we will give them the specifications for the cover.

Yes. We can create an eBook from your text files. However, it needs to be formatted for Kindle eBook readers. eBooks are not automatically created and must be ordered separately from the printed book at a charge of $125.00 prepaid before any work is done.

Printing Process

Once you have approved the formatting you will receive a electronic version of the full book (within 10-15 business days) for one last approval process. When we receive your final approval of the electronic proof version the book will be ready for printing. Once your book is put into the print schedule it will take about 12 – 15  working days to get through the production cycle and be ready for delivery.  NOTE: There may be times when the turnaround time is longer because of high printing volumes.

We retain $1.00 per book of the royalty for setting up and maintaining the account. This includes uploading print files, listing descriptions,
Keywords, Optimize Categories, and generate monthly sales reports.

Our author’s copy program allows you to purchase your title at a greatly discounted price off the cover price. You can purchase as many books as you would like and can even resell them on your website.

You pay the formatting charge once you approve the electronic proof version and before the printing begins. The shipping /printing balance need to be paid prior to delivery.  Check, Credit Card, PayPal or Cash.