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Joe Frazzette is a fiction writer with professional experience in sales and marketing, as well as clinical hypnosis. He effectively utilizes his past experiences n these fields to contribute to the characters and stories he develops.
Joe is an enthusiastic individual who approaches life with a zest for adventure and risk taking. He enjoys the great outdoors and spends much of his time exploring the wonders of nature, as well as the individuals that occupy the space he travels in.

Through his own personal adventures as well as other various examinations of life, Joe has developed an ability to vividly depict everyday life in its rawest form. He writes about characters that are edgy, but also easily identifiable and whom readers can typically identify.

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Secretsofthehypnotic If someone told you that you could create the life of your dreams just by mastering
the subconscious mind, would you believe him? Well I am here to tell you with
absolute certainty that you can! Through the mastery of the Hypnotic Formula and
the consistent practice of self-hypnosis, you can become the master of your life by
virtually reprogramming your subconscious thought habits and action habits.
Hypnosis has long been considered taboo by some, but in recent years it has become
much more main stream. One reason for that is an entire industry of self-help
professionals that have focused attention on the power of thought, meditation, and
self-hypnosis. In his new revelation, Secrets of the Hypnotic Formula, Joe Frazzette
illustrates how you can create transformational results in your life by learning to
harness the power of your subconscious mind through the technique he calls the
Hypnotic Formula.  Whether you know it consciously or not, we are the sum of what we believe
subconsciously. A simple test to evaluate this is to observe your habitual thoughts
and actions. Both are seeded deep in your subconscious mind. In Secrets of the
Hypnotic Formula, Joe reveals the twelve Rules of the Mind and the Hypnotic
Formula as a means to create new thought habits and action habits. Through
consistent practice of the Hypnotic Formula you will produce results that will lead
you to a life of your dreams!               Purchase This Book

Masterorservant    Hypnosis and the power of suggestion are at the center of this intriguing
story which captures one individual’s life change with the help of a master.
David Christian’s adaptation of self-hypnosis becomes the foundation for
his dramatic life transformation and subsequent success. This one man
demonstrates it is with ease that every individual has the capacity to
change their life and vault to a new awakening in the moment it takes to
make a simple choice.

Far beyond the reach of today’s technology is a system built into each one
of us that precludes any possibility of failure if followed in a methodical
order. The real key to a life of achievement is to become master of the
machine we possess and not be a servant to the scattered, false thoughts
harbored in your weak mind. “Master or Servant” will not only entertain
you, but will reveal the path few individuals are willing to take; to live life
on your own terms, and manifest your dreams into your new reality.     Purchase This Book

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