Publishers are everywhere!

It’s rare to find a Marketing specialist who happens to be a Publisher.

Ken ‘Dr. Smiley’ Rochon of Perfect Publishing is the answer to my prayers.

He has guided me through a successful book launch campaign to move more books in under 30 days, than my two prior books have sold in over four years!

Stop questioning whether or not you need him in your world. He is the real deal. I’m glad I have found him and refer all my Author friends to him.

~ Dr. Michelle Mras, Author of numerous books to include Hold My Crown Series, Int’l Award-Winning Speaker, Communication Coach, Trainer, Muti-Best Selling Author, Podcast Host & Internet TV Host of Mental Shift on TNC Now

Meeting Ken has been life changing for me, my business and even my wife.

He moves at the speed of impact. He recognizes that business connections and momentum create a larger impact. He is an expert connector and incredibly imaginative in creating opportunities to add value to connections to encourage collaboration. He brings people together and creates win, win, win situations where everyone benefits and helps each other get better results.

His team created beautiful cover designs for my book, it was challenging to pick just one of them. The formatting was excellent and quick having my book ready to go in record time.

His encouraging spirit has even pulled my wife in and is helping her create her own book. She has been inspired and encouraged by his words and belief in her.

If you want a book, a publisher or even Amazon can make you a book. If you want to build relationships and create momentum for your book and business and be pulled into a whirlwind of abundance, then Ken is who you want to be working with.

~ Robert C. Peterson, Author of The Entrepreneur Mindset Shift: Growth Characteristics of Success

Ken brings enjoyment and energy to the table! He is constantly sharing options on how I can promote my work before, during and after it goes into production. He has guided me on everything from subject matter to book covers and soon through the final publishing portion of my next three books. Which was his idea! I would never have thought I could write 3 books in a year.

His non-stop ideas on marketing strategies are better than anyone I have ever known.

If that isn’t enough, he is a professional photographer. I have many photos and we are poised for whatever comes our way.

Ken has also worked with other authors that I know personally. He has given each one all the help they need, no matter what their book subject matter.

I highly recommend Ken Rochon, and for me, he will be a lifelong friend.

~ Sally Wurr, Author of Power of Awakening, Power of Purpose, Power of Legacy

Working with Ken, Al and the Perfect team has been an absolute pleasure. The whole process has been simple, straightforward, and quick. Immediate responses and solutions to a publishing process can become stressful. This certainly has not been the case working with Perfect Publishing. I love looms and their ability to loom back made the process that much more efficient and enjoyable. I highly recommend anyone looking into publishing a book to work with them, especially if they want the book done (Perfectly and) powerfully.


~ Bernardo Moya, Author & Speaker, CEO at The Best You Inc.

Serendipity – finding good things without looking for them. Vocabulary.com

A turbulent and stormy day turned out just Perfect at least in a Publishing sense.

It was a stormy and turbulent day. I was scheduled to be at the American foundation for the blind 100th Anniversary Gala in New York City at 6 pm. It was a fundraising event, with some tickets going as much as $10,000. Red Carpet started at 6 sharp. I had casually promised to give Ken Rochon, founder of Perfect Publishing and professional photographer, a ride to the event. I did not know Ken at that point, nor that he was the founder of Perfect Publishing. He needed a ride from Princeton, I was going to the event from Princeton, it did not seem like it would be a big deal to give him a ride.

Events of the day would challenge that casual resolve. The East Coast was struck by a line of thunderstorms. Philadelphia airport was closed. Ken was diverted to Washington DC where his plane sat on the tarmac for four hours. By the time they were allowed to fly to Philadelphia and arrived in Princeton, it was already 6 PM. And we had an hour and a half drive ahead of us! Ken told me to go ahead, to not wait for him, I should not be late for such a special event. But I decided to wait. I knew that I was the quickest way Ken would be able to get to the gala to start taking pictures. This is one of those crucial decisions that changes the course of your life, but it is not apparent at the time.

During that ride back and forth to New York City, Ken and I spoke nonstop. I realized he was a photographer, but also an author, publisher and marketer. He realized that I had a story to tell, a story that could help people, a story that could literally help save people’s lives! I asked if he would help me publish my book, the book that was sitting inside me, the book I knew I should publish for five years. But I had no idea where to begin. Ken agreed to publish my book! He agreed to help me with the entire process, from organizing my thoughts initially for the book right through to getting into print and then marketing afterwards. He promised he would not leave me alone until it was done.

We forged an agreement and a bond that day and Ken has been true to his word. The book that had been sitting inside me was born in 9 months. “Staying Alive” by Dr. Vinny Leonti is a huge hit! The whole John Travolta marketing theme has been a stroke of Genius!

I recommend Ken and Perfect Publishing to anyone who needs help writing their book or getting it marketed afterwards. Ken is a force to be reckoned with in both those regards. Maybe it was Serendipity, but it is certainly a blessing to be Kennected.

~ Dr. Vince Leonti