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About Todd

Todd Thomas is a long-time mental performance coach to athletes and a baseball & softball
hitting coach. He has been coaching, training, and working with players for the better part of
20 years. Over the years, he has developed his own unique style and system of training with
powerful mental training methods focused on confidence development. These techniques have helped countless players reach levels of performance and mental toughness they never previously thought possible. From his background, Todd brings a unique perspective to the science of personal achievement.

Todd speaks to athletic groups and business groups everywhere on the subject of confidence and
mental performance. From years of intensive study into the science and mechanics of personal
achievement, Todd works with athletes and teams, business groups, and individuals from all
walks of life on genuine confidence development, personal potential and thinking into success.
He helps people to become aware and to realize the vastness of their potential to become great
and to do amazing things.