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Cosimo Intermite. Co-creator of the Genius in 21 Days course, available in 50+ countries with over 520 face-to-face and

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600 virtual classes delivered every year, his impact on the student and entrepreneur community has reached epic proportions.

Genius has invested 20 years in creating the one and only Study Method Course customized and tailored to each individual, scientifically proven with over 1000 certified testimonials every year. These techniques have existed since ancient Greek and Rome times and have been selected, modified and improved along with a whole bunch of new techniques to satisfy the learning needs of modern-day students and businesspeople.

The Genius in 21 days book will customize the perfect method for your brain because everyone has a different learning style. No matter how productive you are, or how bad a student, this book will release the genius everyone has inside. You’ll unlock your brain’s superpowers and transform your life. Cosimo, world’s #1 Brain Coach has helped thousands of students from “main street”
entrepreneurs to top CEOs worldwide thanks to the most advanced learning techniques.