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About Dr. Vinny

Did someone in your family develop a life-threatening condition? Do you want to reduce your chances of facing the same challenge? Do you watch your risk factors, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly? I did, too. It wasn’t enough to conquer a genetic disease. With a few tweaks in what you already do, you can win. I know this, because I have.

This book came to fruition because as a medical doctor who worked Emergency medicine for 24-years, I did all the “Right things”: I applied the latest conventional medical knowledge about risk, ate the American Heart Association recommended diet, and exercised regularly.


Despite all my efforts, I developed heart disease. I realized that the knowledge and insights I gained during my heart disease journey could save more lives than I saved during my entire emergency room career. The sooner you make changes, the smaller those changes will need to be. Don’t delay putting your health as a priority. Your changes and effort in this arena are literally life-altering. I know. I have seen the other side too often. We can sum the book up as, “First Survive. Then Thrive”. That’s what I’ve learned to do. My experiences captured in this book will guide you through what I’ve learned. Let’s thrive together.