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About E. J.

Eric Jones grew up in Mattapan which is one of the many inner cities within Boston, MA. More commonly, he is also known as E.J. which are his initials. He had many challenges growing up: physically abused by his parents, placed into Foster Care, and a few brushes with the law. He also experienced a lack of self-esteem, suffered depression, and an extreme lack of guidance during his teenage years. Despite all this, E.J. always dug deep into his inner self to keep on going.

Living in a dysfunctional environment and dealing with trauma both inside and outside of the home, E.J. took on a special skill set that he needed to navigate through many of the processes in life within the city. E.J. began the self-healing process once he ventured into parenthood. He is a father of two sons and a daughter. Most of the teaching process which allowed him to heal from his past transgressions relied heavily on his children. Experiencing trauma within his own home, instilled in him a desire to change the narrative and not duplicate the process that he’d experienced in the past.

Continuing to work hard throughout his life. E.J. was able to achieve quite a few accomplishments. Some of these are becoming a certified tax preparer, a Licensed Massachusetts Real Estate agent, earning a Bachelor Degree, and attending school to get certified in Computer Technical Support. At the current moment, E.J. has been an Account Coordinator for a dental insurance company for over ten years. He is also a The Scars That Healed radio personality on 98.1 Urban Heat FM, and doing real estate sales on a part-time basis. November of this year, E.J. published his first book “The Scars that Healed” which now makes him an author as well.