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Growing up in the lush, green, rolling hills of Holmes County, Ohio, where the singing of the crickets and the distant sound of the clip-clop of the horses as they pulled the Amish buggies, could be heard over the quietness of the night.

Then moving into the bustling city of Phoenix; a city that never sleeps as the sound of siren’s blare and where there’s a murder almost daily. A change as different as dark is to light.

Travel on Katie’s journey of being bullied as a child, the fear of living with a father diagnosed with schizophrenia, leaving the Amish after becoming born again (jumping the fence), the heartbreak from the infidelity of her husband, moving to a city over 2,000 miles away with only an eighth-grade education, and shortly thereafter, going through a divorce. But, through all the struggles and pain, there was always hope and triumph, surviving life with God by her side.