About Rosalyn

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Rosalyn Mansouri has lived in Baltimore for the past nine years but was born and raised
in Brooklyn, NY. Shortly after graduating from Brooklyn College, she married and settled
in New Jersey, upstate NY, and Maryland. She has never been away from New York City for
more than three months, except for during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She taught first grade until she began teaching her two sons. She continued to educate
children as a substitute teacher and as a home and hospital teacher. During her lifetime she
was the newsletter writer and/or Publicity Chair of many organizations and committees she

Rosalyn has always believed that children deserve to be respected and encouraged
in their passions, and suggests that the walls of maternity wards across the country should
boldly display sign: “Always Believe in your Child.”
“The Answer for Abigail” is her first published book. She wrote another, unpublished
book about her grandson’s passion for his Nintendo Wii, called “Wiik-End with William”.