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Why Perfect Publishing?

  1. We provide coaching, ghostwriting, and expert editing.
  2. We provide full design, formatting, and printing.
  3. We provide online marketing with a splash screen for your book.
  4. We’ll promote your book in magazines, expos, radio and television shows.
  5. We’ll even provide business cards and networking opportunities to offer your book to a worldwide audience!

Our Books Reach Every Possible Library

at Perfect Publishing?

We understand the importance of preserving your unique voice and vision. That's why our authors maintain full rights to their books. Stay empowered, with complete control over marketing, sales and distribution. Whether you're a seasoned writer or embarking on your literary debut, we're here to support you every step of the way."

Do You Have
Something To Say?

It is our mission to take your
message to the world.

Ask about our new feature Audiobooks

We strive to meet your audience where they sit. Some prefer a paper book, others, Kindle.  There are those, however, who would prefer to hear their books. We have that as well.

Yes You Can

It is literally the adage...
Just put one foot in front of the other

We will guide you

What the mind can conceive and believe,

Current Feature Book

On Sale June 26

This month’s feature centers around the six principles that help grow any business in any industry. A must-read for anyone looking to grow a product, service, or business.

Daniel H. Pink

International best selling author

Hear from our Authors

Life Changing.

Simply Life Changing
Chip Healy
Graphic Designer
Al, Ken and their team are simply amazing. Always on time and incredibly professional.

Already Planning my Next Book.
Dr. Shelli Young
Author / Consultant

They are in a class by themselves

Many people say they are going to do something. Some people just do it.
Mary Willis
Author / Realtor